Nova Agri Sciences


Nova Agri Sciences Pvt. Ltd. belongs to a Group Companies of Nova. The Management of Nova Agri Sciences Pvt. Ltd. consists of Directors with good experience and insight. Admirable Foundation and Passion to win are what set forth our Chairman Mr. Yeluri Sambasiva Rao who unstoppably drives his companies for continuous Reinvention and the Delineation.

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Sustainable Crop Control

Led by Nova’s enormous vision, important and consequential establishment of Nova Agri Tech Private Limited deals with plant Growth Promoters, Bio-Pesticides, Horticultural Equipments, Micro Nutrients, and WaterSoluble Fertilizers.

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Research & Development

Engaged in continuous improvement of products and processes of various types of pesticide formulations like EC, SL, SC, WP/SP,WDG,CS etc, to enhance the quality of production and bring cost competitiveness in order to build value for our customers.

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Environment Management

We have immensely comprehended the impact of environment management for our long-term growth and sustainability. Thus, our research endeavours try to keep the environmental sustainability goal at the centre, which in turn is expected to lead towards a healthy and safe farming community.

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