CLEANSWEEP SG Ammonium Salt of Glyphosate 71%SG

CLEANSWEEP SG is a Systemic ,Non Selective Post Emergence Herbicide


CLEANSWEEP SG Controls Annual, Perennial, Broad leaf and Grassy weeds. On application Clean Sweep SG 71 Reaches the Roots and Rhizomes of the plants by the process of translocation thus destroying the weeds below the ground

CLEANSWEEP SG is very effective especially on difficult to control weeds

Available Pack Sizes:
  • 100gm,
  • 500 gm
  • and
  • 1 Kg.

Recommendations for Use

Crop Weeds Dosage/acre Formulation (ml) Time of application
Tea and non crop Acalypha indica, Sida aculata, Ipomea digitara, Chicorium entibus, Digera arvensis, Digitaria spp, Paspalum conjugatum, Ageratum conyzodes, Cynadon dactylon, Cyperus rotundus, 1.2 4 to 8 Leaved stage of the Weeds