ATRINO Atrazine 50%WP

ATRINO is a herbicide which contains active ingredient Atrazine


ATRINO is a selective pre & early post emergence herbicide.

ATRINO controls the narrow as well as broad leaf weeds of sugarcane and maize.

ATRINO is safe to crop at recommended dosages.

ATRINO controls wide range of weeds which are difficult to control.

ATRINO fits a variety of farming systems

Available Pack Sizes:
  • 500 gm,
  • and
  • 1 Kg

Recommendations for Use

Crop Weeds Dosage/acre Formulation (ml) Time of application
Maize 400-800g  Trianthama monogyna, Digera arvensis ,Echinochloa spp ,Eleusine Spp., Xantheium strumarium Brachiaria sp, Digitaria sp, Amaranthus viridis, Cleome viscose, Polygonum spp. Immediately after Transplanting
Sugarcane 400- 1600 g  Portuloaca oleracea , Digitaria sp, Boerhaavia diffusa. Euphorbia sp. Tribulus terristris. Pre Emergence on Weed free Soil